Working on your own brand might be challenging. Especially when you are emotionally involved in the business you have created. Some people do not understand the values you want to communicate. Others present your company using stereotypes. Time is running out.
It might be a good idea you talk to us. We design captivating marketing materials that represent your business correctly and grip your audience instantly. We work with a vision to unearth uniqueness in every business and bring it to life in a beautiful form.
By connecting creativity, logic and numbers we make all business stories amazing.


Stiddard – accountancy company from Kent – is transforming its practice into a fresh and new organisation. Solobirch have been providing design and project management services since 2011 and have been involved in creating the brand look and feel. Working together with the business owner we have designed the stationery, website, signage and their entire office in Maidstone.


Passobello is a carpet company with a difference and run by a very passionate owner. We have been involved in creating the brand from the very beginning. Starting with discovering the right values, preparing the marketing strategy and plans, we have created the name, logo and initial marketing materials for the business. That included a photoshoot and management of the advertising campaign.


Hansard is a global provider of investment and saving solutions. We have been approached by them to design their Annual Report for 2011. In order to communicate a lot of financial information in much more transparent way we have suggested an innovative ‘split design’ for the report and the formula was accepted. The design have been used and put into production.

CRS Racing

CRS Racing was a child of the UK based businessman. He has turned his hobby into a successful racing team. We have been involved in creating the brand from the moment the idea was born. Designing the car livery, garage boards, marketing materials and advertising for national press was what we have done among many other things.