Solobirch works

for the best in the world

We believe that you could own the best business in the world too.
All you need is passion, proper business processes and a tailored marketing strategy, all delivering results.

The passion is your job. We will help with the other two.

Are you ready?

In everything we do we connect

creativity, logic and business numbers.

Depending on your business current development stage choose one of the services below:


It's your business.

Start it right


This is for owners of new or expanding businesses who recognise the need to plan creative marketing activities from the onset, and who intend to harvest the results from the moment they are implemented.

A one-day, intensive workshop followed by marketing development (optional) will give you all you need to quickly turn your prospects into loyal customers.


Prepare to soar.

Business streamlining


If your business is snared in a web of inefficient processes, this service is for you. It will allow you to simplify and restructure your workflow, improve your professional processes and build a marketing strategy that brings you a constant stream of new prospects.

It will allow you to change your focus to growth and net profit so that you can become a trailblazer.


Get things done.

Outsourced marketing


When you are happy with your new, tailored marketing process, you will need someone to run campaigns for you. If your business is too small to employ a marketing assistant but you want the quality of a specialist, use this service.

It will give you the flexibility you want while ensuring your marketing strategy is fulfilled exactly as you envision, with effective and professional delivery.

Making businesses
the best in the world since


'Trust the process' is our philosophy behind

the way we work

What we give you as a business owner is described by many as ‘life changing’. Using our own ‘Productivity is Simple’ framework we take you apart and put you back together again as a new-born personality. During our work we uncover the hidden and individual values of you and your business.


We follow up by creating and defining your values and building a psychographic profile of your best prospects. We reconstruct your business process and marketing strategy to match your company’s vision, business objectives and financial plans.


Afterwards we get started on building a strong and memorable brand image that matches your new marketing plan and your new unique value proposition. We portray the most important characteristics of your business in a very simple, effective and intuitive way. Then we create designs that are easy to roll out throughout every possible form of marketing communication.


Above all, we take care of the implementation for you from start to finish.
Quite simply, we make your business the best in the world.
We have called our framework

Productivity is Simple

and it works for us and changes the way our clients work since 2006.
``Productivity is simple``
book fragment

“…In order for you to improve your productivity in the right way you will have to start from the big picture as well. The best place to start is to imagine how you want the final situation to look like.

If we are talking about improving a process in the office, start from how do you want it to work when is finished. If your personal productivity is at stake, think about how you want your life to look when you are done. Just imagine yourself in a year or two and think what do you want to do and how. I will later give you two examples of how to do it in almost no time.

One word of warning though: please be realistic. Do not fall into a trap of ‘over-positive thinking’ or ‘if I believe in it, this will happen’. The truth is that nothing happens without the action, and if you don’t take it, it won’t happen. I have seen some people falling into this trap and blatantly forgetting that they have to act in order to get where they want to be.

In case of Richard, the desired outcome was not bigger profit or better exposure in the local market – although this was something he was looking to improve. It was mainly the case of changing …”

Download your copy of ``Productivity is simple`` book
You can download your free copy of ‘Productivity is Simple’ book, so you can learn how this model can help you in everything you do (not only in business) and understand our work process a little bit more.
Below you will find some of our

case studies

We work with a range of businesses across a diversity of industries, helping them to grow and improve their results. Here you can see a small sample of our projects. We will be happy to present you more of them during our first meeting.
So you think you are

Not ready yet?


We understand your hesitation. We hear that very often. Many people we work with simply do not believe they could run the best business in the world. It is simply a matter of mindset. We have seen that changing over time and our personal development sessions helped many business owners to achieve their best.

In most cases a short conversation set things in motion. Would you like to talk to us about your worries and blocks?

Either call us on 01273 930 738 or leave your name, email and phone number below so we will call you back to schedule the best time for our conversation.

A bit more about

our clients


Our clients share one thing in common – a level of discernment that goes far beyond the typical business owner.

As both budget holder and brand owner these people are looking to present their business in a way that reflects their desire to represent something amazing and with real depth.

Their organisations are likely to have a history, a craft or vocational skills that must be presented as part of their engagement strategy. In addition they want to set themselves apart, turn heads, attract adoration and even challenge convention.

Lovers of classic cars, the sport of kings, and the most refined versions of everything, they have an eye for detailing that others invest in their work. This is the effect they want to create.

If we can say something

about us


We make all businesses the best in the world. By delivering unique creative work based on solid logical foundations and materials of exceptional quality, we add a new dimension to every business we work with.

The results will always leave you and your clients enchanted and totally amazed.

We find compelling ways to express the desires of our clients and communicate them to the people whose attention they need to capture. We focus not on where our clients are now, but where they want to be. And we do whatever it takes to get them there. We also make their budgets work harder than anyone else.

Sophisticated and skillful, we challenge convention and set standards that others will follow.

Download your copy of

Brand Audit Questionnaire

Inside of this PDF you will find a set of questions which you can ask yourself about your business and potentially follow them up by discussing the answers during our first meeting.


Please read them, think about them, and if you wish – write the answers down. We hope that this will inspire you to make some changes to your business with almost immediate effect. Ideally, complete this exercise when you have an uninterrupted 10-15 minutes. This could be early in the morning before everybody is in the office, or maybe you can take a short walk to the park. Please write down your answers.


Enjoy finding the answers and let us know if you would like to meet to discuss your results.
find the best way for you to

get in touch

Every time we meet with a new company we go through our Brand Audit in details. During the meeting we assess if we are able to help you and your business.


Brand Audit is designed to leave you with an instant advice on what you can improve in your business even the same day, so even if we decide not to work together, you will have a lot of new ideas and solutions to change some things in your company.


To arrange a meeting contact us on 01273 930 738. We will send you over some questions we would like you to think about before our meeting so we have a clearer picture of your business and how you run it currently.
Call us now to arrange a meeting at

+44 1273 930 738


Talk to Lukas...

…to discuss your marketing and business processes. Lukas works on marketing strategy and business workflows with existing clients. He is responsible for creating plans that help businesses to work better.
+44 79 0102 0201

Talk to Ivana...

…about everything related to your ongoing marketing plan and day to day administration. Ivana looks after outsourced marketing work and makes sure that the job for existing clients is done on time and within a budget.
+44 79 6852 5777

In 2015 we have decided to move our office to Brighton and Hove. It allows us to focus our minds and deliver great work for our clients. If you would like to pop in for a chat use the address below. With plenty of parking space and a lot of good restaurants around it would be great to share opinions during the lunch time.

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