Is your marketing working?

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Build a recognisable brand, gain more clients and increase your profits

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Reach desired number
of prospects

Convert them easily
into buyers

Eliminate your marketing
budget waste

What makes Solobirch process so different?

#provenmethodology #longtermresults #marketinginabox #tailoredforyou

There is a fundamental disconnect between how business owners treat marketing and how marketing really works. As a result, nine out of ten companies disappear from the market within first two years. Owners lose money on fragmented and chaotic campaigns, and most of them think that marketing doesn’t work.
To get the most out of your marketing you need to understand what causes it and how to use it to your own advantage.
Our process is based on the way we, as humans, make buying decisions and screen out distractions. It gives you solid and tested steps showing how to find and convert your prospects – people who have never heard about you – to loyal buyers.
Book your free Strategy Planning Session today and take the first step towards building a sustainable marketing for your business.

Improve your marketing instantly

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This book contains a set of questions
which – when answered by you – will help
you improve your business immediately.

We use them with each client we work. When you answer
them, you will change the way you do things.
And your marketing will change for ever.

What other business owners have to say

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Start It Right Program is what I should have done from the START. I initially had a consultation with Lukas and I was relieved that Lukas understood what I wanted and needed to do to move my business forward in the right direction.

I started working with him and it was ground-breaking. I finally had a clear vision and also an actionable plan that was going to prove to be one of the BEST decisions I made when growing my business, I Love Blinds.

My energy for the company was engulfed, which helped me to push the business to the next level. After implementing Lukas’ advice, I was able to feel more in control of my company and the direction it was going in.

Richard Whiting

I Love Blinds

Lukas has deconstructed my business and rebuilt it with great understanding of what my particular business is all about. I hardly had to explain to him my goals and ambitions for him to round up my wayward, disorganised approach and give me absolute focus and clarity about my direction and how I’m going to get there!

He burns with a passion for what he does and is committed I feel, not only to my professional, and indeed, personal development, but also to his own. I see in Lukas someone who is walking the talk and who is doing precisely what he tells his clients to do. THAT is priceless.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lukas, who I know, will be building a huge business for himself. I just need to hang on to his shirt-tails and keep soaking up the wisdom. Thank you!

Jenny Lynn

Open Mind Therapy

Meeting Lukas was the best business decision I have made so far. Initially I had a free 2 hour consultation to discuss my marketing activity plan and as I liked what I heard, I agreed to a full day 1:1 consultation where we went through my overall business plan step by step.

As well as advising what should be done, Lukas also explains how to do it and how to achieve my goals. He was very interested in my business and gave me some valuable unique ideas and proposals for the future. I view him as a mentor, consultant, advisor and nice person all rolled into one.

Veronika Tripakova

Vamos Cuba

Start from free, one-to-one Strategy Planning Session

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Start from 2 hour, free, one-to-one Strategy Planning Session during which we will analyse your current situation and give you ideas how to improve your marketing strategy straight away. The meeting might take place in our office in Brighton and Hove or online, if you prefer. No purchase necessary.

Just fill in the form below and we will be in touch to arrange the most convenient time for our meeting.

Your details will be used to arrange your free Strategy Planning Session and will never be passed to any third party organisation.

Harvest the results instantly

Don’t let your fear of cost stop you. Whether you are just starting out or you want to expand you existing business, we can find a solution to match your budget and grow with you as your strategy brings results.

Improve your business straight after the session. You will learn how to reach your desired number of prospects, convert more website visitors into buyers, build a loyal base of returning customers, eliminate your marketing budget waste and much, much more.


By delivering unique creative work based on solid logical foundations and materials of exceptional quality, we add a new dimension to every business we work with.
The results will always leave you and your clients enchanted and totally amazed. We find compelling ways to express the desires of our clients and communicate them to the people whose attention...



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IMPROVE YOUR MARKETING...! Get your free copy of this powerful book and implement changes into your business straight away.

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