You could say that it all started when, as a 12 year old boy, I started helping my father, electrical engineer, with his work. He showed me the logic, the process and how to achieve desired results in the most productive way. Since then, his lessons stayed within me. I could almost say that logic and processes are part of my DNA.

I started working in advertising when I was 17. Since then, working for bigger and bigger agencies I have gained a lot of experience in communication, strategies, business operations and marketing. Over time I’ve noticed questions about my way of doing things were coming not only from my colleagues, but from my managers and bosses.

In 2001 I was asked for the first time to consult in a business case, and helped this client win a huge contract. At the same year I’ve finished University of Technology with a degree in Architecture.

As one of my clients said, I combine creativity, logic and understanding of human nature. And ever since I moved to London in 2003, I have helped over 100 businesses to get more customers and improve their position on the market.

What do I do?

I help you to plan, design and implement a system that allows you to attract the right customers. From analysing your current situation and your personal approach to your business, to implementing the new system and training you and your team. I will touch on all elements of systems, software, brand, marketing and personal development to make your company grow well and above your competition.

Why Solobirch?

My Polish surname reminds a little a bunch of randomly collected letters that have been thrown in the air seconds ago. And is unpronounceable to majority of people who do not speak Polish. But the word ‘solobirch’ gives it a juistice. I’ve invented it in 2006 and have been using it ever since. Imagine typing www.lukasbrzozowski.co.uk as my domain name?


I live in Brighton and Hove since 2015, after spending most of my UK live in London. For many of people I meet I’ve heard I’m like a Marmite – you either love the way I do things or you hate them. With a great attention to details, precision and peculiar way of doing things, I apply my philosophies and methodologies to all aspects of my life. If you will become my customer, you’ll become my friend, and my help will go beyond and above of an average consultant. If you won’t become a customer, simply you don’t like Marmite.

what others say

Meeting Lukas was the best business decision I have made so far. As well as advising what should be done, Lukas also explains how to do it and how to achieve my goals. He was very interested in my business and gave me some valuable unique ideas and proposals for the future. I view him as a mentor, consultant, advisor and nice person all rolled into one.

Veronika Tripakova
Vamos Cuba

We have recently completed a company rebranding process to which Lukas's input has been second to none. I will continue to use his service for the foreseeable future and would recommend to anyone who is serious about creating a graphical statement for marketing and branding.

Kevin James
Kevin James Ltd.

Lukas is a logical thinker with a creative flair for business. He has shown me a logical system to get the most from my prospects. Outstanding.

Graham Foster
graphic designer

Lukas has deconstructed my business and rebuilt it with great understanding of what my particular business is all about. I hardly had to explain to him my goals and ambitions for him to round up my wayward, disorganised approach and give me absolute focus and clarity about my direction and how I'm going to get there! And he did it with such ease it seemed.

Jenny Lynn
Open Mind Therapy