One thing that I observe very often is that many business owners act on single ideas whenever they came up with them, and they ended up spending money on things that yielded no results. If sales, production processes, customer service and marketing has been approached this way, it is no wonder that it doesn’t work.

The other thing that I notice is that regularly this fragmented processes went alongside other fragmented processes. Business owners often come across a problem to which they find a solution. Then the next problem comes along, but it is slightly different, so the same solution either doesn’t work, or is forced to fit which ends up with an inefficient compromise. Again, these systems are often costly, and again, it is no wonder that they don’t work. So, business owners arrive to a meeting with me with the business they dreamed of, the one they desperately wanted to run, having found that it is bogged down in a tangled net of processes.

One of the most important things that I learned from my father when I was a young man, working alongside him in his workshop, was that the simpler the process, the more productive the process. I saw it in everything that he did. From this, I learned not only how to make my company run smoothly, but also how to transfer that knowledge on to my clients.

I started to work in a different, streamlined, better way in order to get the most for my clients. I came across and perfected seven-step process that was tried and tested and proven to bring results for them. I created a workshop designed to take a business owner and their business apart, to examine and question each part, to get rid of anything that doesn’t work for them, and to put them all back together in a clean, organised and productive way. Suddenly, my clients had a clear roadmap for their business, that would take them all the way to where they wanted to be.

Then, working together, we could watch their marketing, sales and delivery strategy be born right in front of us. It was organised, easy and systematic to put into place, and absolutely designed around who they are and what they want their business to be. This became my joy. To create something logical, creative and of the highest quality for each client that I knew they could manage and that I knew would work. Some of them even want me to manage the whole process for them, which I am willing and happy to do.


You can keep doing what you are doing now and keep trying things one by one, hoping that something will finally work. At the end of the day, majority of business owners do exactly that. But those who grow finally realise that they need someone from the outside to help them. Even if it is only to look at their business with a fresh mind and point things that they can’t see anymore, because they have been to close to them for too long.


Have you ever experienced this feeling when suddenly your eyes open wider and everything becomes clear and easy to understand? When just few pieces of information allows you to see all connections between – what seemed until now – independent elements and processes? This is what all my clients experienced during our initial consultation.

Book your initial consultation today and see if what I will tell you is something you can handle, and implement in your business. Because not everybody can. Quite frankly people want change, but they are very resistant in implementing it. This is why our first meeting is not free. It will cost you £100, but if you decide to work with me later, I’ll deduct this from your first invoice.

Simply fill in the form below and I’ll be in touch to arrange the best time and place for our meeting. Soon after you will also receive a questionnaire with questions I want you to answer before we will meet.

During the session we will go through each of your answers to find things that could be changed on the spot. This will leave you with some homework to do, and you will quickly see how little changes can bring results fast. Later, when we start working together, you will be taken on a journey of self-discovery, going deep into your thinking and studying the way that you run your business and how it influences your results. I will explain it to you in details when we meet.