70% of buying decisions are made before your prospects decide to engage with your company. It’s time to build a clear, result-driven strategy and take the guesswork out of your marketing.

marketing consultancy


Business owners who engage marketing consultants in the early stages of their venture experience faster growth, better return on their marketing investment and much less waste of resources. Their marketing strategies are stronger, and it’s easier for them to engage their teams by following common business targets.

brand building agency


A brand that clearly shows what your company is dramatically increases the effectiveness of your marketing investment. By aligning it to your business personality, values and individuality, it will distinguish you from the rest, and you will spend less money attracting the desired number of leads.

inbound marketing agency


An Inbound Marketing Strategy will deliver more and better quality leads into your sales pipeline. Your sales team will easily convert them, and they will quickly turn into customers. Your business will gain better market awareness and a stronger position. You will have solid data about your return on marketing investment.


At Solobirch we use seeds (s^). Every task we do has a value worked out in seeds. For example, a blog post is 2s^, social media monitoring 1s^ and buyer persona research 4s^. All our packages are designed and presented to you in seeds.

We think it’s a fair system. You invest in an item, not a time. If it takes longer to write a blog post, it is our problem, not yours; you will have a blog post delivered. So, when we suggest a custom package for you, we will tell you exactly how many seeds (s^) you will need to purchase. And because marketing is an investment, we will ask you to purchase all necessary seeds at the beginning of each billing period.


1s^ = £134+VAT

marketing consultancy


From single owners/operators to those who want to make a dent in the universe, our marketing consultancy packages are designed to suit every need and budget.

Starting from

1 seed


brand building agency


From those who want to build their first brand to those whose brand is snared in a web of inefficient processes, our brand building packages are designed to make an impact that will steal your customers hearts.

Starting from

23 seeds


inbound marketing agency


From those who just want to try it and see how it works, to those who want to put an inbound marketing strategy into the core of their business, our inbound marketing packages will help you attract more leads and grow your sales.

Starting from

16 seeds


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