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Everybody can open a business today. With such a low start-up costs, everyone can become a laptop businessman and build their own company. With so many cheap design services available, we all see brands that not only fail to represent their true values, but also look the same.

When you open a browser and search for a specific service, it doesn’t take you long to realise that these companies look alike. All of them. So, the one you choose is likely to be the one which is the cheapest. If all of them are the same, what is the point of paying more?

Now, look at your brand. If you don’t feel that what you are looking at portrays your uniqueness, maybe it’s time for a change. It is time to build a brand the way that successful, globally recognised brands do it.


Everything in your business is closely related to your brand. We define ‘brand’ as every experience that affects the relationship between the product or service and its consumer. From your name, logo and website, to the way you treat your clients.

The brand building process we take you through allows you to create a brand that is shatterproof. With each step of the consumer journey taken care off, you can simply focus on following the system and be sure that the results will always be the same: delighted customers.

We start by uncovering and mapping your business values and individual characteristics. This allows us to learn what drives you and how we can portray what you do. These are the values that make your business unique and different from your competitors.

Next you will be taken on the journey that your consumer takes while moving through your business. We will examine and understand what steps they take and adjust things where there should be improvements. Understanding the human buying process is crucial, and it will lead us to your perfect marketing and communication plan.

Finally, when everything is on paper, your brand will be redesigned. It is a time during which we will analyse all the information and illustrate all the marketing touchpoints. We will think through and streamline everything from your logo to the latest, smallest piece of merchandise to deliver a consistent brand message.

The entire brand building process will result not only in your new, shatterproof brand, but also in great internal growth and inspiration, which you and your team will notice immediately. From our experience, we know that by simply mapping all the elements of your business and putting them on paper, you will be filled with excitement and increased efficiency.


A brand that clearly shows what your company is dramatically increases the effectiveness of your marketing investment. By aligning it to your business personality, values and individuality, it will distinguish you from the rest, and you will spend less money attracting the desired number of leads.

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