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Every activity that involves talking about your business and promoting your products or services involves marketing. Many business owners invest a lot of resources trying to find the best solutions to gain more clients. They are happy to try and test various activities, and often continue working that way for a long time.

This trial and error approach is not only ineffective, but is also a source of major frustration for business owners, who don’t understand why the things they do are not delivering the consistent results they were expecting. At some point, they end up thinking that marketing simply doesn’t work.

If you can relate to this scenario, the chances are you have never engaged with a marketing consultant, and you are still trying to do everything on your own.


There is one major thing marketing consultancy will give you: it will prevent you from wasting money on things that won’t work for you. During a marketing session, every part of your business will be taken in consideration. Your brand, your existing strategy and your resources.

The aim of each session is to solve a problem you have and to find a solution that you can implement, either by yourself, or with our help. Each session takes from one to several hours, depending on how complicated the problem is.

Improvements to the journey your customers are taking through your website will take longer than reviewing your flyer design. Finding the right marketing strategy for a new loyalty program might take more than one session.

What you will receive during this time is our experience, built through 25 years working with other businesses, running campaigns and managing a wealth of marketing activities. By doing this on a daily basis, we know what works, what results you can expect and what might be a waste of time and money.

Depending on your approach, you will have a choice of implementing those solutions yourself, using any other company you want to work with, or leaving it all to us. We often act as an outsourced marketing department for companies who prefer to focus on running their own business operations, knowing that their marketing activities will be taken care of.


Business owners who engage marketing consultants in the early stages of their venture experience faster growth, better return on their marketing investment and much less waste of resources. Their marketing strategies are stronger, and it’s easier for them to engage their teams by following common business targets.

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